What is Data Archiving Process in SAP BW4HANA | How to create DAP in SAP BW | DAP and DTO in SAP BW

We will explain what is DAP in SAP BW4HANA and its other feature in regards to its creation process and other features.

1. What is DAP in SAP BW4HANA - 

DAP is a process which allows to move data from SAP HANA to SAP IQ or any external system like Hadoop. DAP also allows to retrieve data from HANA Database which has been archived. 

2. How to create DAP in SAP BW / SAPBW4HANA - 

Transaction code RSDAP allows to create & activate DAP in SAP BW4HANA.

3. Details on DAP for different type of ADSO Types - 

DAP is mainly based on time slice & request based Archiving. 

Below is the screenshot from Display DAP -

Staging Layer ADSO (Which has only new Data table) - Applicable to Request based Archiving.

Standard ADSO , Direct Update or Data Mart ADSO - Applicate to Tice Slice Archiving.

4. In which table Achieve data is stored 

The archived data is stored in table - ( /BIC/OUXXXX)  ; here XXXX is the Target Name.

5. Time Characteristics & its relation in DAP in SAP BW4HANA

In order to create DAP in Targets (Other than Staging layer ADSO) , you need to have a time characteristics in key , otherwise DAP will not be created. But in the case of  Staging layer ADSO , it is not mandatory to have time characteristics in key since its archiving will be done based on request based. 

6. Difference between DAP & DTO 

DAP and DTO both are different technologies to move data into cold storage. DTO (Data Tiering Optimization) is the new method enable only for SAP BW4HANA where DAP has been present in previous version of SAP BW 7.5 or 7.4.

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You can also watch the below video tutorial on the topic - 

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