SAP BW/4HANA ADSO Types and Modeling Properties for ADSO

 lets illustrate the below ADSO Types and its Modeling Properties -

There are 4 ADSO types available in SAP BW/4 HANA , Those are - 

1. Standard DataStore Object

2. Staging DataStore Object

3. Data Mart DataStore Object

4. Direct Update DataStore Object

Now , lets discuss in detail about these types and its feature - 

1. Standard DataStore Object -  Activation into active table , Extraction from Active/Changelog table , Reporting enabled.

  • Write Change log - Delta Extraction from Change log , rollback of data in enabled.
  • Snapshot Support - Full update only , active records not part of the loaded request are deleted.
  • Unique data records - Insert only , no update of active records with the same key allowed during Activation.
2. Staging DataStore Object - Main table is the inbound queue , extraction from inbound queue.
  • Inbound Queue only - Technical key only , reporting disabled.
  • Compress Data - Compression into active table , extraction based on inbound queue , reporting disabled.
  • Reporting enabled - Activation into Active table (Data stays in inbound queue), reporting on active table , extraction from the inbound queue.
3. Data Mart DataStore Object - Additive delta , all characteristics are key , extraction/reporting on inbound queue and active table, compression into active table, like infocube.

4. Direct Update DataStore Object - Active data table only , reporting enabled.

Special Properties - 

Inventory Enabled -  Set this flag to enable for inventory support for ADSO. Application for Standard ADSO & Data Mart ADSO.
Planning Enabled - This Flag is to support plan /load mode for ADSO. Application for Standard ADSO with Changlog , Data Mart DataStore Object & Direct Update DataStore Object.
Write Interface Enabled - SAP tools like Data Services , Platform Integration can be used to push data into the inbound queue. Applicable for Standard ADSO & Staging ADSO.

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