How to Enable Navigational Attributes on Aggregation Level (SAP BW/4 HANA)

Navigational Attribute on Aggregation Level:- 

You can Build Aggregation Level both on ADSO or Composite Provider.

If you are building an aggregation level on ADSO , It is not possible to set Navigational Attribute.

First you need to create a composite on top of the ADSO (Meaning ADSO will become part Provider. Then 

Step 1 – 

Create a HCPR (Composite Provider ) of type union and add the ADSO.

Step 2 – 
Go to the Output tab …
Suppose you want to enable navigational 
Attribute for Material.

Right click on this and Select navigational

Step 3 – 
Then Choose the Attribute you want to select.

Step 4 – 
Then Choose the Attribute you want to select .

Create the Aggregation level based on the Composite provider :

Add both Material & its Navigation Attribute the Main Characteristics needs to be added along side the navigational Attribute.

Step 5 – 
Then You can create Query Based on the Composite Provider you have created.

                      ADSO – Aggregation Level – HCPR - Query
                      ADSO – HCPR – Aggregation Level – Query  

Watch the below Video which explains this topic - 

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