Overview on Calculation view Types in SAP HANA


The calculation view can be categorized into two types 

1. Standard 

2. Time-based

Standard calculation views are shown below - 

1. Dimension

2. Cube

3. Cube with star join

4. Sql Script based 

Time calculation views are shown below -

1. Gregorian

2. Fiscal

Now we will go through each one of those calculation view -

A. Dimension 

1. Default view is projection.

2. It Is used to expose master data.

3. We can not create measures using the dimension views.

4. If you add any numeric column in the dimension view , it will be considered an attribute.


1. Default view is Aggregation.

2. It Is used to expose attribute and Measures.

C. CUBE with STAR Join

1. Default node is star join.

2. It is an extension to cube dimension cube.

3. It follows star join concept like one fact table and multiple dimension table.

D. SQL-Script Based

1. We go with SQL script type calculation view when the graphical view does not accomplish your requirement. 

2. It can be used for dimension and measures.

3. It can be used internally in the modeling in other calculation view.

4. It can not be used in the external BI clients.(Can not be used end users)

TIME calculation view - 

E. Gregorian – It has granularity like Calyear , Calmonth , Calday and even further to Hrs and Minutes and Seconds.

F. Fiscal --- It has granularity as fiscal year and fiscal variant.

Both are related to time-based calculation view where data is related to time.

It is used to define measure based on different calendar days.

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