What is Open ODS view in HANA( Creation & Basic Features are explained)

Hello everyone welcome to SAP Learning Academy and in this Tutorial today I will discuss about what is open ODS View and its basic features so let me start with the Definition -

Definition -  what is actually open ODS view so the open ODS view allows data sources to be virtually consumed without the need for a separate BW persistence for the data and for ETL purposes you can create data source for open ODS view and thereby basically integrate data source into BW. 

So what do you understand from open ODS view is that we do not it does not contain any persistent data like in the earlier SAP versions we have seen that now there was a concept of psi in the data source but now we do not have any concept of PSA so it is the great advantage using open ODS view while you are extracting data for real-time. 

So open ODS view gives us a greater accessibility to the source system without having any physical persistence. Now when we'll move to the creation part while creating open ODs view it looks like you know this.

 In the picture above we can see that you have you have to first fill the BW project package ,info area, name , description. Here after filling those now you have to select the semantics and source type .

Here you have semantics called facts, master data, text . Now we will discuss further into these components .After filling those in BW package and all those things now we have the options in open ODS view which kind of open ODS view shall we create . First when you look at the semantics we have facts so once you select facts it means suppose you have a requirement to create the transactional data so in that cases you have to select facts.

Similarly for master data ODS view so you can create master data, similarly for text you can select on text and now when we are coming to the source type now we have this 5 options available now in SAP 7.5 SP 5 onwards.

N we can see we can take source type as BW data source or aDSO or database table or view or any virtual table using Hana smart data access now this is very critical part to understand the virtual table using Hana smart data access actually using this option we can use any calculation view in this open ODS view similarly we have the option for transformation it means we can take any BW transformation while creating open ods view.

So now we will move to the more insight of open ODS view . In this picture you can see I have created an open ODS view using facts.

Here we have two column one at one is source fields and another is view fields so in the source field it will be showing all the from the source table and in the view fields we have to drag whatever the fields when we want so so that's all about open ODS view , Hope you have liked this tutorial. Thanks.

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