Top 25 Questions for SAP HANA Interview or SAP BI Interview


1. Introduce yourself.

2. Composite provider - What is this ? What advantages do you have?

3. Info - set ?
4. What is transient provider.

5. Any development scenario you have worked on using calculation view.
6. Can analytic view be contain measures ? Can measures be aggregated in Analytic view?

7. How can you import any developed object from Development to Production.
8. What more have you worked in your project for performance improvement?

9. Have you worked on BODS?
10. ODQMON transfer of data.

11. Difference between LSA and LSA++ structure.
12. Semantic group and its use.

13. SQL knowledge ? DO you know SQL
14. Do you have any SQL certification or HANA certification

15. Local repositories and central repositories in BODS.
16. Open ODS view detail.

17. Graphical view and script view CLV difference.
18. DO you have knowledge on ABAP?

19. Where do you write logic for transformation.
20. What types work you do in your company.

21. Use or Difficulty of using OSQMON ODP method.

22. Changelog table and what are the different images available in changelog.

23. Why you want leave your previous company?

24. Negotiation on Salary?

25. Talk on Notice period?

You can watch the below video for the explanation of this questions - 

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