Introduction to SAP BPC 11.0 | Comparison between SAP BPC 11.0 and SAP BW Integrated planning

Welcome to sap learning academy. In this post  I will be discussing about one of the new product of sap that is sap bpc 11.0. 

In this session I will be telling you the basics , I mean that what do you mean by sap bpc and what types of task and work that you do with this product and also how does it relevant with the previous product of sap IP and first if you are not very sure about the what is integrated planning or business planning so let me tell you that you know in any organization so we have to forecast the data for the for the planning of the sales cost or many other parts  in the organization.

So we should do the planning and sap has provided the various tools and also the boxes like if I talk about the sap integrated planning so it has been used widely and still used now .

Now as what sap has done , SAP has introduced the name of this old version to sap bpc and where the sap database is the hana and  SAP IP meaning that integrated planning can run on any database that because it is based on the above framework so it can work on sap hana database or any other database like db2 or mysql but when it comes to sap bpc so when sap hana comes into market so sap bpc is only relevant to it.

So if I talk about bpc so it is related to hana DB and let me tell all my peers that it is very important to understand the relationship between this old version and the new version and there are actually not much of technical changes or if you are a sap consultant working on this integrated planning so it will not take a time to understand what is BPC because what we had in the earlier version of integrated planning like if I say about composite provider , in the early version we had multi-provider.

So now we are changing into this composite provider so it is those things are simply the same like if I talk about cube is changing to ADSOs and  so on and only the basic changes are this part like what we had to use multi-Provider now we have to use composite provider for creating the aggregation level and suppose if you are creating directly on cube and now you have to do an ADSO. 

This is the part of this migration where this if you are actually converting into your old BW system into the new bw system like if I talk about sap BW 4hana so in that case you have to do these changes . The other things like same like if I talk about aggregation level and if I talk about then you create filters then, you create this planning function, you create planning sequence , so those things are the core technical part is completely same with the new version and the old version. 

The new version is only relevant with this SAP hana and functionalities like we talk about this composite provider and ADSOs and the other things are actually same .

We can use the data slices and the characteristics relationship as usual what we did in the earlier version so in terms of technical there are not much changes . But there are the major changes that we can see now in the frontend reporting since SAP is moving more into the cloud , I mean this user friendly planning so that's why sap has introduced some of the things like design studio . now it is named as lumira . Lumira is a higher version of design studio Design studio is 1.6 and lumira is 2.0.

These are the web-based platform where actually we can access these functions like whatever the planning sequence or planning function you create so those things actually you can access in the lumira or design studio and you can do the further planning and this is actually the web based and also in the older version of sap integrated planning we can still access these planning sequence into this lumira and then analysis for office .

This is also great and important tool which is actually excel based .So here also you can access whatever objects you create that you can access lumira and analysis for office in both the places .So the only changes that we cannot have in these SAP older versions of the license but in the near version we have that that is the BPC client.

 BPC client is a new tool which comes with this sap bpc 11.0 license .It is a web-based tool .So it is actually a user friendly and also  kind of a technology that we can do planning and which is giving some more flexibility on the user point of view like if I talk about the analysis for office or lumira so where we can find a little bit of problem like in terms of navigations but since bbc client is web-based and it is quite faster as it will be relevant to sap hana database .

so I believe that is the part that i wanted to share , what is the difference between this older version sap integrated planning and then new version and let me tell you that there's not much changes except there are few as i discussed .

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