Difference between Navigational and display attribute in SAP BI


Here I will discuss about difference between display and navigational attribute in SAP. we will see the differences in two areas one Modeling and reporting. 

Values of display attributes will store in P and Q tables.

Values of navigation attributes will store in x and y tables.

Drill down in report is possible if the characteristics is navigational attribute and is not possible if it is a display attribute. 

Now we will see this with some example data .let's consider we have objects customer ID, country and Sales Amount.  We have the below data - customer ID, country and sales amount where we have six different customer ID .

Navigating attribute -  Assume that country is an navigation attribute to master the customer . If we want to have an analysis about the sales based on country since country is navigational attribute , we have an independent Drill down up country without the support of customer in the report . so if you see the output here we can can see the country without the help of customer ID so the sales amount will be added. Here country is an attribute of customer as maybe as navigation attribute so it can be standalone in the board without customer ID.

 Display attributes 

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