The different types of engines available in SAP HANA

Content of this topic -

👉What are the available runtime engine of SAP HANA.

👉Explanation of each and every engine types.

👉SAP HANA Calculation Views Enhanced for Master Data and OLAP Data Models.

Available engine type of SAP HANA  - 

  1. Join Engine
  2.  OLAP Engine 
  3. Calculation Engine


Join Engine  

1. This engine is used when you execute any attribute view in SAP HANA, or when you run native SQL on more than one table with a join condition. This means that all kind of joins can be processed here. If there are any calculations involved either in the attribute view or in native SQL, then the join engine also uses the calculation engine for these calculations and to collect the results.
2. Attribute Views or join condition with out calculation involved uses the Join Engine.

OLAP Engine

1. The online analytical processing (OLAP) engine is used in the back end whenever you run any queries on analytic views in SAP HANA. It is used for calculation and aggregation based on a star schema. If any calculations need to be performed, then the calculation engine is used along with the OLAP engine.
2. Analytic Views (without derived columns) use the OLAP Engine
3. If there are no additional calculations performed like calculated columns, restricted measures and counters, then everything will be processed in OLAP Engine.
4. OLAP Engine acts as join engine for those Attribute Views used in Analytic Views, without any calculated columns.

Calculation Engine

1. This is used along with the OLAP engine or join engine for complex calculations that cannot be processed by the other engines alone.
2. Calculation Views or Analytic Views with derived columns use this engine.

SAP HANA Calculation Views Enhanced for Master Data and OLAP Data Models

   Experience has proved that the data transfer between the different SAP HANA engines can result in bottlenecks. This can cause performance disadvantages. For this reason, starting from version SPS9, SAP has enhanced the scope of SAP HANA calculation views so that it can take over the role of the OLAP engine and join engine.

👉You can watch the below video for this explanation - 



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