How to Debug Fox Formula in SAP Integrated Planning

Step1 -
Go to transaction Se24 and enter in the class browser class name: CL_RSPLFR_CONTROLLER. Press button display.

Step 2 

On the tab “Methods” find method “EXECUTE_SERVICE” and click twice on it to open it. On the tab “Methods” find method “EXECUTE_SERVICE” and click  on it to open it.

Step 3

Press button “Set session break-point”. This will set break-point on the first possible place in this method “ GET TIME STAMP FIELD l_tim_exec_init. ” Break-point means that the program will stop there and start the ABAP debugger for detailed analysis.

Step 4 

Start transaction RSPLAN and select the planning sequence containing fox formula you want to debug. Press display and select the step. Press button Execute Step with trace. This will start the ABAP debugger.